Checklist for High School Prom

My daughter is about to go to her first prom so I wanted to post this check list about what you might need to get ready for Prom. The ultimate checklist for prom starting from the selection of dress, shoes, selecting the hairstyle, mani/pedicure, makeup and the list goes endless! It feels really overwhelming. So to make it simple lets see how to go about the whole thing of getting into the spotlight on the prom night –

The most important to detail has too be given no doubt to the type of dress, but also to the type of bra you will be selecting once you decide on the dress. This detail will be missed by many. Lots of hard work goes into other stuff and in the last moment many just compromise on the type of bra they are wearing underneath. To find a perfect bra is a not a easy task. If you just end up wearing a normal bra under a tube top dress, its a DISASTER!.

Dresses come in different range of styles and so make sure your lingerie wardrobe has all the different types of bras. First you can check your prom dress if it already has a good built – in bras. Many of the party wear dresses come with a built-in bras which minimizes the need for any bras. Make sure the fit is good. If you going for a deep neck dresses, you might want to consider a underwire bra. This type of bras increases breasts naturally by lifting it up. you will no doubt look bold and sensual. Have you all heard about adhesive bras? This bra comes with no straps and sticks to the breast. If you are the one who likes trying out different styles of dresses, this type of bra is a must have in your wardrobe. Also are the padded bras which comes in different colors and different linens. This bra suits best for tight fitting dresses in which there is always a fear of nipples being seen. If you don’t have time to worry about which bra is best for your dress you can do what I did and take the dress to a good lingerie store. I went to and found a local store with great service. 

Now you have selected the dress and the bra. Lets go into the other details for getting the perfect look and no doubt you will be the center of attraction on the prom night.

  1. Try your outfit multiple times well in advance. If any alterations has to be done, you can get all panicky in the nth moment.
  1. The shoes you pick should complement your dress. Practice walking in those heels couple of times in the house. This may sound silly, but you do not want to trip down on those new heels on the prom night. I picked up my daughters shoes online at zappos.
  1. Accessorize your outfit with complementing jewelry. Stick to one base color, Solver or gold. Do not try to mix up both. Try old multiple necklaces, ear rings, bracelets and finger rings. You can get your close friend to decide on which one goes perfect with the dress.
  1. Hair-do – You are getting your hair done by professional or have already planned on DIY hairstyles. If getting it done by a professional make sure to book the date well in advance. If you are comfortable doing it yourself, try it well in advance. You might not want to panic or be confused in the last moment.
  1. Decide on the nail color which complements your dress well in advance. You want to get a beautiful nail art or go with a single color, plan it out.
  1. Handbag/Clutch – Select your hand bag or a clutch and let it be at least big enough to accommodate your phone and might be your lip gloss.
  1. Last but not the least, the Perfume. Find out the right one for you. you can find plenty of affordable perfumes at Target.

Now get ready to flaunt yourself and after all its your evening 🙂 Do not forget to get some nice pictures and have all the fun!!

This is a cute get ready with me video for prom.



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