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Checklist on How To Organize Your Apartment Closet

Just like any other type of cleaning task, organizing your closet can be a tiresome chore, no matter what apartment you live in, whether it be Memphis or New York City. Though this task may be something that you loathe, in most cases, the final result will make you wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. You get immediate reward from the completed task. Extra storage space or even just a better efficient use of the space is a reward in itself.

To get the best results, you need to plan this task. It is not something that you can just jump into doing. Even though organizing your apartment closet may seem overwhelming, the task becomes simpler if there is a guide on how to it. Starting from folding fitted sheets to organizing your shoes, there are plenty of things that you can do to help organize your apartment closets.

-Start fresh: Make sure you clean everything out of your closets. This not only helps you in visualizing what you want to accomplish, but also in getting you to see some of the items you may have not seen for a while.

-Examine Usage of Items: As you clean everything out of your closet, evaluate the clothing items you still wear frequently and keep aside what you no longer wear. You can donate to charity or sell the clothes that no longer fit you. But for those that are completely worn out, throw them away.

-Arrange Your Clothes Orderly: When organizing your apartment closet ensure to hang your clothes according to their color and type. For instance, you may hang your t-shirts according to their sleeve length and color. By doing this your closet will look well structured and orderly.

-Use Hangers Properly: Basically, having the right type of hanger for the correct piece of clothing will enhance use of your closet space. This also ensures that your clothes are given enough support. There are various types of hangers including wooden, wire, or plastic. It is advisable to use one type of hanger only as it adds uniformity.

-Storing and Hanging Levels: It is always best to store or hang the items that you wear regularly at your eye level. The items that you do not use frequently should be stored at a higher level in your closet. So, if you are in the market for apartments to rent in downtown Memphis, this would be a great place to start if you are looking for apartments with great closet storage space. .

-Create Divisions: Creating divisions in your closet is one of the best practices when organizing your apartment closet. For example, you may use a separator of some kind to separate tops from the bottoms.

-Create a suitable place for your accessories: The best way would be to invest in some racks and hooks and attach them to the closet door. This is the place you can keep accessories such as scarves, bags, belts, ties, etc.

-Select an Area for Your Shoes: There are a lot of items that can help you in arranging your shoes in an orderly and neat manner. For instance, you can decide to use shoe organizers, shoe racks or transparent boxes. For those shoes that you do not wear frequently you may keep them in a box and label them.

Check out the video below to find out how to organize your small closet even better.


This is an important checklist that will come in very handy when organizing your apartment closet. The checklist will help you arrange your closet neatly without missing out on anything.